It's 1AM and The Caffeine is Kicking In

This post is happening because this:

formerly looked like this:

I'm a little wired.

At 8PM this evening I decided to down a cold brew (one of the most concentrated coffee drinks) and as much as I'd like to fault myself for it, I'm honestly not sure what else I was supposed to do.  Today marked the grand opening of Cafe Dulce's second location, Dulce Dos after a few months of quiet operation.  Owner James Choi and the crew opened their doors with free drinks and snacks for all and the typical rotation of old school hip hop and trendy people floating through the doors and now it's 1AM and I am chugging along.  What would anyone expect, should I have gotten tea?

Actually I probably should have gotten tea.

Cafe Dulce was originally opened by James' mom a few years back.  Though he had a lucrative job in finance, James, being the stand up guy he is, decided to help his mom out and quit his job to run the shop full time.  As soon as he moved into his Little Tokyo brick-and-mortar (his storefront being the former frozen yogurt spot Cefiore), James started donating gallons of coffee and trays of donuts to the folks working in and around Little Tokyo, myself and my organizations included.  To this day I never leave the shop without a random extra pastry or a super-sized drink.

He knows how to win his way into hearts.

And indeed he did.  The line is long, the store is crowded, and I've seen Cafe Dulce donuts on everything from Thrillist to Buzzfeed.  They were recently a partner in Sanrio's Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt to celebrate the girl's 40th birthday (I managed to snag an HK-themed donut, but not a limited edition pin -- people were waiting up to three hours for the chance) and the shop is a default meeting spot.

From curacao-spiked lemonade in the summer to candy bar-laced donuts in the fall, Cafe Dulce offers an alternative to the usual Starbucks/Coffee Bean infinite loop and has found its place in the Los Angeles coffee community.  And also coffee.  Lots of glorious coffee.  Like their cold brew.  Which is again why I'm up writing when I have work very early tomorrow morning.

Last year James set his eyes on a second location to use as training ground for baristas and found a parcel in the American Apparel factory lot.  Now this new location, dubbed Dulce Dos, is open and ready in the lobby of 777 S. Alameda behind a field of construction and a giant pile of dirt.  There were tractors and cranes grazing out the front window.  It was calming, calming in a Gundam-meets-airbisons kind of way.

They validate parking with a purchase (the lot charges $2/15 minutes, but with purchase Dulce validates up to an hour so if you do the math it comes out to maxing out at $2 I'm going to stop my head hurts) so check it out!

I can draw 3D boxes and that's pretty much it.  Annie Seo, on the other hand, has muraled the crap out of the place with her fantastic vibe-setting marker.

I can draw 3D boxes and that's pretty much it.  Annie Seo, on the other hand, has muraled the crap out of the place with her fantastic vibe-setting marker.